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Freeway Phobia Treatment

Fear of Driving on Freeways and Highways

Are you afraid of driving on freeways, highway overpasses, on-ramps and off-ramps? Do you fear freeways with no shoulder areas and generally narrow lanes that make you feel boxed in? Have you given up and only drive on surface streets despite how long it might take?

In addition, have you been in an accident in the past and are afraid to be in another one? Do you fear freezing up behind the wheel and causing an accident? Or losing control of the car and seriously injuring other drivers or even killing someone? Or do you simply fear the volume of cars on the freeway, whether the traffic is moving slowly or not, and all the many frightening and imagined variables that could happen along the way?

Well, if so, you are not alone. Freeway phobia is very common, especially here in Los Angeles, and it is treatable as well. So there is hope.


By utilizing both Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Exposure Therapy, you will reduce your anxiety symptoms and gradually get yourself back on the freeway.

Using evidence-based anxiety reduction techniques and effective stress management skills, our therapists will work with you on a one-to-one basis using proven systematic desensitization methods.

On exposure days, therapists will accompany you in your car, on the freeway, as you raise your stress tolerance levels and regain your confidence.

There is no magic to it. The pace of the therapy is customized to each individual’s needs. It is a gentle process that is designed to induce minimal distress symptoms. I promise.


“For three years, I drove surface streets to work from Westlake Village to Burbank, approximately 30 miles. It took me upwards of three hours every day. It was embarrassing! Every time someone mentioned the word “freeway” I got sick to my stomach and I hid in my shame.

This program changed all that. It works if you really desire to overcome your fear. I now drive stress free to work. I feel wonderful!”

-Holly G. Former freeway phobia sufferer

“After 7 years of not driving on a freeway (in Los Angeles, freeway mecca of the world), I finally took action to conquer my freeway phobia. After exhaustive research on the internet and after meeting three other therapists, I chose John Tsilimparis to help me.

While other therapists offered the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, John was the only therapist who sounded knowledgeable and confident around exposure behavior therapy. In a mere 7 months, I am now going to work and back on the freeway every day. I am still working with John to overcome all freeway anxiety and he has patiently guided me, pushed me into the left lane and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself. I had truly given up hope of being able to drive on the freeways and John has helped me get control of my anxiety and fear.

Not surprisingly, he’s helped me with other areas of anxiety in my past and present life which in some way were connected to my freeway phobia. I have moved four times in six years because of my inability to drive on the freeway and for the first time in over 7 years, I am FREE.

Thank you John for your help. You are the very best at what you do. You have made a REAL difference in my life and my family’s life too. I am deeply grateful.”



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